Moravian Hall

The Township Hall more commonly referred to as Moravian Hall, was located on Moravian Drive about 1/2 of a mile south of the Clinton River.

It has changed since it was first erected sometime in the 1880ís. Its wood siding is hidden under the brick, which was added in the 1920s. The interior walls still have their original wainscoting and window trim. The partial basement and stairway were put in when the building was extended. The craftsmen did an excellent matching the two sections.

The building was used for meetings and a voting precinct until the 1970s. It was also used as a temporary school in the mid 1950s to ease overcrowding. Those who attended functions there have memories of the two outhouses behind the structure, as even today there is no running water to the facility.

In 2001 the Township Hall was moved from the Moravian Drive location to the Townships Historical Village near Canal Road & Romeo Plank Road. After repairs and updating it was re- dedicated on July 14, 2003.

The Township Hall has survived over those 100 years very well. After it was moved to its new location in the Clinton Township Historic Village it was restored and you can see it as it might have appeared in 1900 with its wood siding, original windows, wainscoting plus the addition, which was added later.


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