p16 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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to the schooner to come along side and take Sarah Dick, Betsy Isaac, Jacob Dick, with Charles, on shore, and left Thomas Isaac, Paul Dick, and myself to manage the boat as well as we could. R. Fowler was so sick that he did not feel like doing anything, and instead of having a warm breakfast, which we expected, when we put about to run in, we were glad to take a piece of bread and raw pork, which relished very well with me. This place is about fifteen miles from the Cattaraugus Creek. When the wind abated, we got all on board, started for Portland, about fifteen miles farther up the lake, where we arrived about 10 o'clock P. M. It was with some difficulty that we found the harbor of Portland: not knowing the shore, we ran a great way out of our course to search the shore for fear we would run by the harbor, and then we would have found no harbor until we came to Eric. The shore of the lake, most of the way, was perpendicular rocks, so that there are but few good har- bors. We hauled our boat up on the beach as far as we could and took lodgings.

june 10th. R. Fowler proposed to go across the portage to the Chautauqua Lake and then down the Ohio River. Jacob Dick and Paul Dick joined with him. Thomas Isaac and I were for keeping up the lake, but we consented to the voice of the majority, although it was much farther, but they said it was safer. We consented. Paul and Rudolphus went out and engaged two men with teams to take our boat and baggage across, for which we were to pay five dollars each. We loaded our boat and baggage. went about two miles to the four corners of Portland, and put up for the night.


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