p32 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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as it appeared, we concluded to try, so we retumed, took breakfast, and proceeded up to the rapids, which were very swift and very rocky. The water falls, by appearance, about six feet in eight or nine rads, and the rocks are large. We ran our boat up to the foot of the rapids, took out our chest, boxes and some other articles to lighten the boat, and carried them up to the head of the rapids, It is at this place that the Harmonists are building a famous grist mill. They have a fine quarry of stone that is easy hewn and would make grindstones. Their work appeared to be well done and their walls very thick and strong. Some of the inwalls were . five or six feet square and the wall laid smooth. There were twenty or thirty hands at work at it, carpenters, stone cut- ters, and laborers. They were very friendly to us. We ran across to the right-hand side of the stream near where the mill was building. Thomas Dick, Isaac J. Dick and R. Fowler took hold of the bowfast; P. Dick and I were in the boat, Paul on the how with a pole, and I steered. The cur- rent ran very swiftly and it was hard work to hold her by the fast, but some of the Harmonists took hold and assisted. We ran up by the worst rock, the fast broke, and we swung round in spite of what Paul and I could do, and went down sidewise over the rocks. Some of them were so near out of water that we thought the boat would overset, but we went down without much injury and then worked the boat over on the right shore, where all hands got on board, and we ran up to the chute. The Harmonists were on the beach with another rope to help us. We noted that our fast was bent at the small sternfast, and the other warped. Then, after much exertion, we went up the chute. They would take


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