p60 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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we had none for them. They wanted tobacco, which we gave them. We let them have some powder and salt. We received corn to boil, and some deer skins. We did not want to part with our salt, but they insisted on having it, and we let them have one pint of salt for one skin. They wanted to trade more than that, but we told them we could not, and started to go, but a woman brought three muskrat skins for a pint of salt. We then put out and were called on the other shore by some on the bank who wanted whis- key, tobacco, salt, etc. We gave them some and went on, and were called again, but we didn't stop, but continued up the river one or two miles and took breakfast. Two Indians followed us with two deer skins and wanted whiskey, to- bacco or powder, but we told them we could not trade. We had nothing with which to pay for them and did not want them. They saw our iish spear, and wanted that, so I let them have one spear, some salt, and a little tobacco. We went on our way, and after going two or three miles through swift water, came to a rocky shoal where the river was very wide, the bottom a rock, so that the water was not more than six or eight inches deep, and in many places not more than three or four inches. We took out our baggage, carried it 200 or 300 yards on our shoulders, drew up our boat, and loaded in our goods. Were about four hours in going about half a mile. Continued on over rocky bottom and shallow water four or five miles until night. We came to strong rapids of falls. The water falls three or four feet in about nfteen rods. We examined the passage and ar- ranged to put up for the night, deciding not to attempt to go up until morning. An Indian went up with his canoe


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