p71 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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Tabor came up with us about dark, we having outwalked him. It was clear and pleasant, but lightened in the eve- ning and thundered at a distance. We roasted some corn and ate it for supper.

September 17th. We were up early in the morning and roasted com for our breakfast. It was cloudy and had the appearance of rain; it thundered hard. We started about 6 o'dock, went on two or three miles, and it began to rain very hard. We stopped a few minutes under the trees, but it rained so hard we soon got wet, and went on through the rain. It soon began to be very muddy and slippery. We crossed the Wabash twice. It was about waist deep, but we got very wet and had very hard work to travel. We went about thirty miles and came to the middle village, where there are ten or twelve Indian wigwarns. We arrived there about 4 P. M. and secured some boiled corn, also thirty or forty ears, which I had boiled, to take with us tomorrow. I gave them 75 cents for the corn and received some noodles. They gave us some corn and boiled squash, also some dried venison, for which I paid 12 cents. Peleg came up before night and ate with us. He was unwell. We could not lodge in their wigwams, so we started about sundown, and, going into the woods about one-half mile, took fire with us and made fire, and gathered some brush to lie down on. We had dried ourselves as well as we could, and went to sleep. We had passed Longlewy in the forenoon where he had pitched his tent. He came to the village, passed us and encamped about two miles ahead of us.


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