Tomlinson Arboretum Dedication

4235.949'N 8256.429'W

Taken 1969-12-31 16:00:00-08

The Tomlinson Arboretum was officially dedicated April 22, 2009 with the planting of two seven foot tall white pine trees. The park is named after the long time, but now retired Twp Clerk, Dennis Tomlinson. All of the plantings in the arboretum will be made by private donations. If you would like to honor a loved one by purchasing a tree, contact the web master. The Arboretum will cover nearly 20 acres, will have winding trails and a bike path that will connect 18 mile with Romeo Plank. That is not the Mother Ship in the back ground. It is a water storage building. Click on the map coordinates to see where the arboretum is located. You can type Arboretum in the search bar to see other pictures.

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