Clinton Township Historical Commission

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Clinton Township, Michigan USA

The current members of the Clinton Township Historical Commission are:

  • Jim Hungerford, Chairman
  • Jim Kowalski,Vice Chairman
  • Michael Hiltz
  • Maxwell Heiderer
  • Frank Valdez
  • Sharron Butala
  • Karen Stephens
  • Mike Saliba
  • Vacancy
  • Kate Brown, Library Representative
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The Moravian Hall Museum will be open September 22-23 2018 during the Festival of the Senses..

The GCTHS partners with the Clinton Township Historical Commission to run the museums in the Historical Village. The Moravian Hall Museum in the Historical Village will be open during the Festival of the Senses Art Show September 22-23 2018 This is The Greater Clinton Township Historical Society web page It was updated May 1 2018. 24 people attended the program about Belle Isle. The next program will be in November. It will be about the Detroit Salt Mines. It is a free program and will be held in the auditorium of the Clinton Macomb Public library on Romeo Plank and Canal Road. It starts at 7 pm but refreshments are at 6:30

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Clinton Township Historical Village

This is a panorama of the Clinton Township Historical Village. It also shows the Clinton-Macomb Public Library.

Click and drag on the picture to look around.

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Fox School Memories

This is an account by Steve Ellis

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Moravian Hall

The Township Hall more commonly referred to as Moravian Hall, was located on Moravian Drive about 1/2 of a mile south of the Clinton River.

In 2001 the Township Hall was moved from the Moravian Drive location to the Townships Historical Village near Canal Road & Romeo Plank Road. After repairs and updating it was re- dedicated on July 14, 2003.

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The Clinton & Kalamazoo Canal

When Michigan became a state on January 26, 1837, it was a land of vast forests and marshland which made travel to the interior extremely difficult. In order to help the movement of new settlers inland, the state legislature passed the Internal Improvement Act, which provided for three railroads and two canals.

The most ambitious of these improvements was a canal 216 miles long from Mount Clemens to a now extinct village named Singapore at Lake Michigan. Approval of the canal construction was popular because many who came to Michigan traveled by way of the newly completed Erie Canal and understood the advantages of canal travel. Clinton Township and the Clinton River were, in fact named after Governor DeWitt Clinton of New York who was instrumental in the construction of the Erie Canal.

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The History of Clinton Township

The History of Clinton Township Michigan

On July 22, 1782 David Zeisberger and his followers founded the first settlement in Clinton Township. He described the site of "New Gnadenhutten" in his diary, "founded on this side of the river a fine place to lay out a town on a height ... between the river and the height, there are many springs with many separate little brooks that flow into the river and have exceedingly good water. The land on the site of the town is so sandy ... the lowlands are very rich with heavy timber. We chose this place before all others for our town site ... heavily laden boats can go even to the fork, a half-mile higher up ... and canoes can go much further. We are glad and thankful to have found such a good and healthy a spot for a town site nothing was lacking. We found traces that long ago an Indian town must have stood on this place."

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Clinton Township Tomlinson Arboretum

The Arboretum is a 25 acre tree park.

More information can be found at

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Historical Village Videos


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Here is a Youtube program about the Mount Clemens Rose Gardens

This is the link to an oral history for our recently deceased friend, Paul Klosik. He was a POW during the Korean Conflict and held captive by the Chinese.

The following links may be of interest to those who seek information about local and Michigan history as well as general topics. Detroit Pix (memories from the past) It is worth a look. June 9 2007, a new link was added.Early Michigan History. Added August 12, 2009 is the David Rumsey Map Collection. This is good reading and should keep you up at night. Also, if you want to learn more about the history of the area, you can pay a visit to the Don Green Local History Room at the Clinton Macomb Public Library. Give the reference librarians your library card and they will give you a pass key.

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Clinton Township, Michigan USA

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Fox School Memories

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