Cady's Corners

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Shortly after selling their farm in early 1900, Charles and Christina Wellhausen purchased a small general store in a nearby village known as Cady's Corners. They gave this store to my great-grandparents George and Amelia who ran it. This was much less taxing on George's health than farming had been. George and Amelia ran this General Store until 1905 and then moved to Utica where George ran a "jitney" service which we now would call a taxi service. There in Utica, George and Amelia had their 3rd and final child, a son they named George as well who was born in 1906.

My grandmother always spoke of Cady's Corners to me. She told me that their General Store was on one corner and a "beer garden" as she always referred to a bar was on another corner. In researching this little village I learned that Cady's Corners was an area first settled in 1833 with a post office being established on July 15, 1864. The post office operated until July 31, 1906 when the village was disbanded. Today the former area of Cady's Corners can be found at what is Moravian and Utica Roads in Clinton Township, Michigan.

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