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My grandfather, Thomas Dean, was a very methodical business man, who left a Chest of papers, containing letters, contracts, accounts, legal documents, etc., all tiled in perfect order. There are old letters from Quaker friends and rela- tives dating back to 1799. In this chest, now in Indian- apolis, was found the journal of a journey made by him in 1817, which is published in full herewith. This journal is the simple record of a voyage made one hundred years ago, from central New York to central Indiana, all the way by water.

The purpose of the journey was to secure land in the West for the Brothertown Indians, then living in Oneida County, State of New York. Owing to the encroachments of the white population, and their desire to purchase Indian lands in New York, it was deemed desirable to move the Brothertown Indians to the West, where they would have more land, advantageous surroundings, and removed from injurious induence incident to the presence of the white population on the weakness of the Indian character. The New York Indians were the rernnants of seven tribes of New England Indians, who had been moved to Oneida


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