p18 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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June 18th. We started with a head wind and ran down to the rapids, where there are mills, with locks for boats to pass through. We went through them, and about one-half mile below we went to the village of jamestown to get meat, bread, and cheese, but I could obtain no bread, nor pork under 30 cents per pound, and 13 cents for poor new skim milk cheese. It being about 12 dclock, and having eaten very little this day, we had to dine on potatoes, crackers, and a tisb which I bought for 9 cents. In the morning, being refreshed by our frugal meal, we embarked down the Chautauqua Creek, a small navigable stream with a quick current and a smooth bottom. It is fortunate for us that the waters are high at this time, or we could not go down, our boat drawing about twenty-one inches of water, and in a dry time there is not more than nine inches or a foot of water in the creek. We took in three passengers, one of whom was a good pilot, and we went down the stream, which was very crooked, with swift current, which made it difficult to sail. We passed down to the Casdaga Creek six miles, and there our pilot left us. The river was larger and the current very moderate, the bank low and the flats large. We passed down ten miles and came into the Cone~


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