p20 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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one-half miles to Warren, where we arrived about 7 P. M. Here we obtained some bread, meat, and butter, though at an extravagant price. We took up lodgings for the night at the inn.

june 20th. We left Warren at about 5 A. M. with our own company and ran down the river to Broken Straw, about twelve miles, a stream which comes in from the north- west; then passed down about thirty-four miles, went on shore and fried bacon and boiled potatoes, not having bread sufficient. We went on board and ate our dinner. We got some wet, there being a very heavy shower, which our sails did not completely shelter us from. We started two or three deer from the river, which R. Fowler went in pusuit of, and got a chance to shoot at one, but did not hit him. We saw them again, when J. and Paul Dick went in the chase, but did not kill any. Night drawing near, and having the appearance of rain, we went down the river with our oars at work. We soon saw another deer in the river, which we Bred at, but did not get. It became foggy and I expected rain, so we ran down to Oil Creek, about seven or eight miles farther, and put up about a mile and a half from the place where the Seneca oil is found on the waters of the creek, but the water is so high now that the place where the oil issues from the earth could not be seen. We came down the river today fifty-three miles, although we had a istrong head wind through the day.

june 21 st. We left Oil Creek at 10 minutes past 5 A. M., went down seven miles to Franklin, at the mouth of French Creek, ran in there to get some bread, when it began to rain, and we took breakfast. When the rain abated we started 17


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