p22 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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put in for provisions and to get breakfast. I wrote home, and after breakfast our curiosity surpassed our anxiety to proceed, so we went to see some parts of the town, the steam factories viz.: a saw mill, grist mill, nail factory, rolling mill, and the Flint Glass Works, which was not then in operation, but we went into the warehouse, where we saw some of as- good glassware as is brought from England or India. We also went to see the hour nulls. The town is well situated on the point, but it might be very considerably im- proved in beauty of appearance. Their manufactories are most interesting and surprising. Not getting our supplies and not satisfying our curiosity, we were not yet ready to start until about 6 P. M., and then we concluded to put up for the night at our landing place at Shepherd's. I would be glad to give a more particular description of Pittsburgh, but time will not permit.


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