p55 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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village (Nancytown), obtained some buttermilk, Indian wampum, and butter from a woman by the name of Nancy, and then started for Williaxn Conner's. In the afternoon it rained very hard and we were very wet. We came down to Canner's about 5 o`clock and prepared to start in the morning for Fort Harrison, to be at the treaty there. We endeavored to get a horse or two, but could not, so we pre- pared to start on foot early in the morning. August 10th. Took our breakfast early in the morning and obtained some dried beef to take with us. Settled with William Marshall for the use of his horse and what we had. Paid him $3. We shouldered our packs, waded White River, traveled hard all day, and at dark were within about three miles of Corzeton or the Wea village. I was very much fatigued, as were some of the rest. We traveled about forty-two miles this day in very bad walking. We lay down in our blankets amongst the weeds without tire. August llth. Were up by the time we could see, and arrived at Longley's by sunrise or nearly, took breakfast, started on for the settlement on Raccoon Creek, where we arrived about 5 r.M., had supper of venison and lay down early to rest.

August 12th. In the morning we paid $1 for what we had received, started early, traveled as far as we could, and in the afternoon it rained some. We stopped under a shelter for about two hours, then went on. The weeds and bushes were very wet, so that we were very wet ourselves. We put up at dark near the ford on Raccoon Creek.


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