p68 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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unusual route to avoid the main creek. We overtook them near night, when they had camped, they having one in their company who was sick. We made a fire and camped near them. We came ten or twelve miles. We had in com- pany with us a man by the name of Peleg Tabor, belong- ing to Onondaga, who wanted to go through with us. September llth. This morning the Indians agreed to let us have one horse for $1, which I gave for the day. We put two packs on the horse and Thomas rode in the forenoon and I in the afternoon. They took the other two packs, and we traveled hard through brush, winding hills, etc., and crossed some large streams and arrived at the head of Raccoon Creek near night and encamped close to the village. I paid 25 cents for venison and $1 to Peter Cornstalk for the use of his horse. On the way the Indian killed three turkeys.

September 12th. We secured two horses from the In- dians to go to the Wea town, where they were going. I paid them $2 for the two and we traveled rapidly. Paul and I took turns riding and Thomas rode the other horse. We had very bad traveling. The mud and water in many places was up to our knees, and some creeks were deep, the water being very high. We arrived at the Wea town near night and went to Longlewy to encamp. He informed us he was going to start in the morning for Detroit, and would supply us with two horses in the maming to go to Mississinewa, if he could.

September 13th. In the morning I went up to the Indian that I had hired the horses from yesterday, to get two to go to Mississinewa, and he went with me to our quarters,


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