p76 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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and sometimes we shipped water and had to go on shore to bail. Arrived at Fort Meigs about 11 A. M. and found Isaac Wobby and Henry Nunham* there and put up at their marquee.

September 29th. We attended the treaty meeting, which was held by Governor Cass and General McArthur on the part of the United States, and the Wyandotts, Taidyas, Shavmees, Pottawottomis, Delawares, and some other tribes of Indians. We also attended on the 30th, when the treaty was nnally signed by the parties and concluded.

October lst. We again attended the treaty, and when the presents were given out I received the goods from Governor Cass that were due to the widow Pictrotke, to the amount of $137, and delivered them to Henry Nunham and Robert Schugite to forward to her. We sold the Roe- buck to H. Nunham for $8 worth of goods and in the evening we held a council with the Delaware and Shawnee chiefs. The Delawares, in the presence of John Johnson, agent, expressed the desire that the Brothertown Indians would go into their country, and on the Zd I received a certincate from john Johnson of the purport of the council. October 3d. We engaged our passage to Detroit on board the "Fire Fly," Captain Hammon. Paul and Thomas Isaac assisted in loading the most of the day, and I had a conference with Stickney, the agent for the Miamis, about their lands on the Wabash. We left the marquee and put our packs into a tavern near the landing and lodged there. In the rnoming my two blankets were stolen from PauI's pack. ==n=-azxnnuwn Indian;.


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