p14 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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Island. Kept to the west side of the island, on the west side of the river, until we arrived at the ferry opposite Black Rock, where we crossed, and arrived about 17 minutes past 7 9. M. and put up for the night.

June 13th. In the morning we had a tight pull to get up the rapids, the wind being ahead. We took breakfast on the beach not far below Buffalo and arrived at Buffalo about ~ 9 A. M., where we stopped, received and read letters, and wrote home. We discovered our boat leaked more than usual; drew her out on the beach and found we had started one of the nails in the seam on the bottom, and repaired it. We put our things on board at about 8 9. M., returned up the creek by the town, where we took up lodgings.

June 14th. We found all things safe, although there had been a hard wind and a heavy shower of rain in the night. We took breakfast at Buffalo, transacted our business, ob- tained some provisions, etc., and put out to sea 15 minutes past 12 o'clock. It rained hard, and but little wind. There were two schooners and a sloop which went out at about 30 minutes past 7 A. M. We passed along, using our oars, until about 2 9. M., when we came in sight of the three ves- sels standing on near our course. The wind began to blow a good breeze, and about 6 9. M. we came up with one of the schooners, called the "Buffalo Packet," the other vessels standing to the west. We spoke to the packet and found she was going to put into Cattaraugus Creek, where we intended to make a harbor. We passed the packet and ran into the Creek about 35 minutes past 7 o'clock and took lodging, all being wet. We came about thirty miles. The schooner came in soon after us with several passengers, who were all wet

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