p59 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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east side of the river. Lodged in the boat. The weather was cool. We supposed that we came twenty-three or twenty- four miles.

August 25th. We went on up the river and passed some prairie, and in the afternoon came to one on the west side; saw a large piece of high land near the prairie that had been cleared off, and it appeared as if it had been settled, which I suppose was Tippecanoe. We continued until after dark and put up on a beach at the mouth of a large creek, which is the Tippecanoe branch or West Branch. I suppose we came twenty miles.

August 26th. We started early in the moming, and, pass- ing on, saw some wild turkeys on the trees. We shot two; they were young and made us a line breakfast. We now came to rocky shares and soon carne to a prairie on the west side where some Indians lived, by swift and shoal water. We supposed that it was Mississinewa. We spoke with some, but could not understand them much, but they sig- nihed that it was farther up the river. It looked like a fine prairie. We went on, but soon found that our trouble was beginning, for the water grew shallow very fast and the current stronger. We passed up some very swift water, but it was deep enough for our boat. We passed two islands opposite one another and went between them. It being near night, went on a little farther and put up on a small willow island. Lodged on board, as it is the most comfortable place in this wild place. We came today sixteen or eighteen miles.

August 27th. We started early in the morning and about 8 o'c]ock came to an Indian village. They hailed us to come on shore and wanted whiskey. We informed them


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