p66 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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September 4th, 1817. We arranged for starting, but could not sell our boat. We collected our things as fast as possible; tried to sell the boat and buy a horse, but could not do so. I sold the six axes, seven hoes and the skins for $25.

September 5th. We sold the boat to Captain Brutt, but did not get ready to start. R. Fowler was still sick. We concluded to leave him with money to buy a horse when he got well.

September 6th. We waited until the next morning. I sold my chest and other things and left about $100 with R. Fowler, besides what he already had.

September 7th. We started in the afternoon and pro- ceeded out onto the prairie about six miles, when it was dark. We laid down for the night, and it was uncomfort- able through the night.

September Sth. This morning it rained some. Our pack was so heavy that it made it very hard to get along, and my feet began to be sore. We arrived at Adams about 9 o'clock and got breakfast; tried to get a horse. It rained. so we concluded to stay until morning. I paid 75 cents for Our breakfast.


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