p67 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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September 9th. It was a very rainy night, and rained hard the fore part of the day, so that we could not start. In the afternoon we went to get the horses ready to start in the morning as soon as we could, if the river was not too high. We had the promise of two horses and I agreed with an Indian for one horse to go to Corzkton (Wea Village) for $2. Paul and Thomas stayed all night. I paid Adams $1 for being there two nights and days. September 10th. The weather this morning looked more favorable, though some cloudy. Paul and Thomas re- turned and said the man was coming with his horse, but we must have some one to go with him so as to have com- pany to return with him. Adams did not want to go, so we could not get any help. We started about 8 A. M. and went on about one mile and came to an Indian camp where there were six Indians. We could get no horse from them. They were going our way, and started immediately. We followed. Paul forgot his powder hom and had to go back after it. Thomas carried his pack and I his gun. The Indians left us. We went on to Raccoon Creek. It was very high, so that we could not get across. I shot a turkey on the other side, but we could not get to it. We then went up the creek to find a passage. I shot a deer, but it fell on the opposite side. The river was so deep and wide that it went down. Paul stripped and tried to ford, but it was too deep and swift, so we lost the deer. We then went up the creek through the weeds and bushes and over some bad gulfs until we were fatigued, and then turned on to the east to get an the track of the Indians, who had taken an


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