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Bay, Wis., four times, and sundry other journeys, in all about 20,000 miles." This was before the days of steam. Thomas Dean was not only the attorney and agent of the Brothertown Indians, but also acted for the Stockbridge and Oneida tribes. He did not succeed in acquiring Indian lands in Indiana, but in 1824 he made a treaty with the Winnebago and Menominee Indians by which the Brother- town tribes secured a. tract of land on the east side of Fox River, Wisconsin, eight miles wide and thirty miles long. Owing to a dispute over the title to this land in 1828, he made a new treaty with the Federal Government, by which the land on Fox River was exchanged for nearby land on the east shore of Lake Winnebago. Twenty three thousand acres were laid off in a square. The title was in fee simple from the Federal Govemment, secured by patent. The Brothertown and Stockbridge Indians were moved to this tract, which they now occupy.

Thomas Dean died at Deansbora, N. Y., in 1843.

Jomw Cnmnn DEAN.

Indianapolis, Ind., March, 1918.


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