p10 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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Voyage from Deansboro N. Y. to Niagara River

Oneida Creek, N. Y., May 31st, 1817, 6 o'dock A. M. Wind N.W., and cloudy, with some rain. All hands at work Btting for the voyage. At 15 minutes of 10 A. M. Paul Dick arrived and joined our company, and 20 minutes past 11 his father, Thomas Dick, came to see us; 30 minutes past 1 v. M. ran down Oneida Creek with Burlingaxne and sev- eral others on board. Ran out of the creek onto the lake and made sail, the wind blowing a gale. We made two or three tanks, but the lake was so rough that we did not gain more than one or two miles and it was thought best to run back into the creek and wait until the wind abated. Paul Dick and I went to Burlingame's, about three-quarters of a mile from the boat, and lodged; the rest of the company lodged in an old house or in the boat.

June lst. At 3 A. M. P. Dick and I started to meet our company and all set about getting ready to start. It was clear and very frosty; some ice. We drank some chocolate, ate some bread, all aboard, and went down the creek to the lake and took leave of Thomas Dick. Set sail at 6 A. M.; the wind very light, and from the W.S.W., so that we had to row. At 12 o'clock, opposite Roderdam, we were rowing along at a good rate, not expecting any shoal; I was steering when I discovered rock, and we had but just time to stop our


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