p15 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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as well as us. Some of them very seasick. We had good harbor in this creek. The captain of the packet i formed me that he intended to put out for Shaddocks B between 12 and 1 o'cloc.k in the morning, so we conclud to start early to be in his company.

June 15th. All hands on board and we got under w 40 minutes past 3 A. M. and left the harbor. We soon caug up with the packet, which had sailed some time before I At about 5 o'clock there came a very thick fog, so that ` could see but a little way ahead, and we steered southwu and by south until about 30 minutes past 6 o'dock, with light breeze from the N.N.E.; then the wind began to i crease, the fog soon disappeared, we found we had gain on the schooner while running in the fog. The wind blowi a good breeze, we soon overhauled her near the bay whe we intended to make harbor. Supposed there was a are to put into and get breakfast, but when we arrived in She docks Bay we found there was no creek there, and the wi blew so hard and the swells ran so high that we could x beat out of the bay again. We out with the anchor whi we had made at Oneida Creek. This was the first th we tried to use it, so we did not know how it would ho and now if it gave way we must go ashore. Though was not rocky, yet the surf ran so high that it is probal it would injure our boat; but as high as the swells we our anchor held, so that we did not drag more than ft or Bve rods. We kept an oar out at the stern to keep I boat straight with the wind and she rode out the gale va safely, though it made R. Fowler and S. Dick very seasi it not being for the Brst time. I borrowed the boat belongi


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