p13 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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VOYAGE from Niagara TO LAKE Chautauqua

Jtme 10th. We went to get our boat hauled over the portage, but could not. I crossed over to Queenstown, Can- ada, to get it over the portage, returned and crossed with the boat and agreed with A. Brown to take it, with the bag- gage, for six dollars. I entered the boat at the collector's office for 50 cents.

June llth. We loaded our boat and baggage onto two wagons at about 10 A. M. and passed slowly along with the boat and baggage. Had a very poor ox team to draw the boat. Thomas Isaac and I, walking a little ah d, went to see the famous falls of Niagara and then met the teams. The rest of the company then went to view the falls. We ~ arrived at Chippawa about 5 r. M. without much difliculty or damage. Thomas and I bega.n to unload, and when the rest of the company came up we ran the wagon into the river and launched the boat. We examined our baggage and dried some of it, much of it being all wet with the heavy rains that had fallen. It is a very line day and dried up the mud smartly, the wind blowing high from the northwest. We ran up the river about two miles and put up at Mrs. Holden's.

June 12th. A due, pleasant morning. We started for Buffalo and had a strong opposing current. We soon crossed over to the west channel and took dinner on Grand


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