p25 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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June 30th. In the morning we expected to wash our clothes and spend the day at Cincinnati. We ran two nights to get there, but not finding a convenient place for washing, we took a view of the steam mills, town, etc. I went to look for Robert Himt, but found he had moved eight miles from town, so I was not able to see him. We concluded to take in provisions, etc., and start down the river, and after taking a preliminary sail on the river with four passengers and - after passing General Harrison's Seat, came to Lawrence- burg at about 9 P. M., twenty-nine miles below Cincinnati. We expected to put up here for the night, but could not get lodgings to our satisfaction. We left three of our passen- gers, but one continued with us to the Falls of the Ohio. We started at about 10 and ran all night.

July 1st. We passed Port Williams on the Kentucky River in the morning, and stopped at West Port to take dinner, then ran down to New London and put up for the night. On the 2d we went to Louisville, arriving at 8 P. M. Here we obtained lodgings, being about 180 miles from Cincinnati. This is a handsome town of Kentucky.


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