p26 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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July 3d. I wrote home, and started about 9 A. M. to run down to the falls. We passed over them without any dim- culty; nothing to be seen of them except a strong current and a ripple on the right side near shore. Passed Salt River about 3 P. M. In the evening we put up about 8 P. M., Jacob Dick being unwell.

July 4th. We continued our voyage, jacub Dick being some better. We sailed all day down the pleasant current of the Ohio and only went on shore to get some vegetables, etc. Not finding a suitable place to lodge, we concluded to run all night, and so passed on throughout the night.

July 5th. We continued our voyage until we stopped for breakfast, then ran down to Anderson's Ferry, put in, and crossed over to the opposite shore to Troy to get good water. In the evening ran down about three miles, and with some difficulty got lodging on a Boor.

July 6th. We passed down eight or ten miles and took breakfast on the shore near a house where a woman had a _ young child. After breakfast we started with a good breeze, though ahead, and beat down to the Yellow Banks; passed the village at that place about 3 P. M., but not stopping. We continued for about two miles and put in shore to be sheltered from a very heavy shower which we were threat- ened with. Here we obtained our dinner at the house of a very hospitable gentleman of Kentucky, and there being a very heavy storm of rain, wind, and thunder, we put up for the night with him.

July 7th. We ran down to near the Frenchmaxfs or Three Mile Island, about tifteen miles, and put in for breakfast. We found the people in this place, as well as in many other


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