p38 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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tate in recommending him as a suitable person for that purpose, and as a gentleman in whom you may place the greatest confidence. ~ Any assistance which you can afford him in transacting his business will be considered a singular favour and grate fully acknowledged by your humble servants. Asannx. Cunrrss DooLnrrr.r:, Josnrr-r Snnnnws, Superintendents of Indian Affairs. Paris, N. Y., 12 May, 1817.

July Zlst. I took breakfast with Wheeler Mallett. He and his brother Baldwin were unwell. I then went to see the agent for Indian afairs. I gave him my credentials and explained to him our expectations and wishes. He appeared to be very friendly, and said he would aid us; that I had better consult Governor Jennings on the subject, though he had no control of Indian affairs, or of the public lands. We went to see the Governor, but he was three miles out of town, and it rained very hard. We gave over seeing him until the next morning, as we were told by the receiver of public money, with whom he resided, that he would be in town in the morning. I became acquainted with Doctor Lawrence S. Sheelee, who had been on board our boat yes- terday. He took a brief account of our voyage with inten- tion of publication. We conversed on the subject of civiliza~ tion and internal navigation; he proposed making some remarks on both those subjects in his publication. He is a very sociable gentleman and introduced me to Saxnuel dil- worth, printer, at Vincennes, of the Indiana Sentinel. I


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