p39 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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left with Samuel Dilworth the copy of Joseph Hull's Spell- ing Book for examination. We had a rainy day until night; put up at the same place, John Longe's Inn. I saw several people from the State of New York, who were glad to meet us, and we them. Met Mr. Brown, son of Oliver Brown of York State.

July 22d. We went to see the Govemor at the receiver's office. He was there, but it being an improper place for a conference, it was proposed to meet at the inn at 11 o'dock A. M. We then proceeded to Governor Posey's, according to appointment, which was at 10 o'dack. We met him and found him an agreeable old gentleman, as I before thought him to be. We had some conversation on our object, but the interpreter, Barron, did not bring the chiefs and people of the Weas, as was expected, so we returned and met the Governor of the State according to appointment. He is a talking man, and I think no great friend of Indians. We explained our business to him. He in a very pleasant way . raised many obstacles. The first was that no person had a right by law to contract with Indians for lands. I answered him that I knew of no law to prohibit one nation of Indians from treating with another for the possession of their lands, which was agreed to by his excellency. Second objection was that the United States wanted to purchase a large tract of land north and east of the purchase of 1809, so as to extend it quite across the State of Indiana to the State of Ohio, that the strength of the State of Indiana might be concentrated and the public safety rendered more secure by extending the whole population throughout the interior of the State. It was answered by me that the small piece of


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