p42 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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six or seven years before, and of the report that they brought back). We replied that we could not promise that the Dela- wares would attend, but we thought they would. They said they could do nothing without them, if they did not come. So we shook hands and wished each other well until we met at Fort Harrison, and so parted. We returned and made some preparations for starting up the river, and I wrote home while at Wheeler Mallett's, he not being much better or his brother either. While going to the postoffice to put the letter in, gov- ernor Posey saw Thomas Isaac and me going by. We had some conversation on Governor Jennings' sentiments as to our business, and he wished that his communication might be kept confidential, what had passed between us heretofore, as it relates to our business with the Governor. We parted; he went to our boat, we to the postofnte. We then returned to take our departure from Vincennes. When we arrived at the boat the Indian agent was there, and the goods for the Indians had arrived which were going on to Fort Harrison, but he said he would not give notice of a distribution until about the time of our treaty.


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