p43 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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We parted and left Vincennes about 5 F. M., ran up the river and stopped at Fort Knox; got water, but it was not very good. This is about three miles, and we went on until dark; encamped in our boat on the Indiana shore near a small brook, there not being a house near shore. july 23d. Started in the morning and ran up until we came to a. house on F.lise's Prairie, which is on the Illinois side and is twelve miles long and seven or eight wide. We obtained some milk, made mush, took breakfast on the bank, the house not being near the river, then we passed on around a point and came to the prairie again. We went on shore and viewed it. It is a very handsome piece of land and settled in some places. We went around another bend and came to it again at 1 Ferry, where we went on shore to get some good water, potatoes, etc. They had some noodles. We took some bread and butter; went on until night, when we were about to camp on the beach, but by blowing the horn we found a house by the barking dogs (which abound in this country) about one-half mile from shore. Here we secured the liberty of lying on the Boor, and some milk; supped on bread and milk. We lodged on the Boor with satisfaction. R. Fowler and P. Dick were comfortably lodged in the boat. We stayed about three miles below the Shaker settlement, and it was said thirty miles from Vincennes. I paid four shillings.


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