p45 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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be kept in good order by the women. We supped and retired to good lodgings in the apartment allotted to us, they having ground our Hour and sent it on board the boat at evening. They spoke of many losses and hardships they have had in consequence of the war, and that they thought Tecumseh and the Prophet had been very much misrepresented, they and their people to be peaceable people, and that they were in his opinion Christian Indians, opposed to war, and he thought it was an unguarded expression of General Harrison to one of the Pottawottomi chiefs by the name of Winemank that caused the battle at Tippecanoe. The Prophet Cala-la-wissa and his adherents did not join in the battle, but the Prophet withdrew across the river; that there were not more than 250 men engaged in the battle out of 800 which had assembled at the Prophet's town for the purpose of information, or of religious devotion; that they were well acquainted with the Prophet and believed him to be a peaceable and a good man.

July 25th. In the morning the trumpet was blown for exercise about 4 A. M. and each family (four in all) re- paired to their diferent places for labor, which was short, and then they went to their business. They conversed freely on the subjects that we introduced. After finding that we wanted to purchase some sole leather they ascertained the quantity we wanted, gave us a piece, for which they would take no pay, which was as much as we wanted, viz.: four or hve pounds, besides some garden sauce,. in the whole to the amount of $5 worth. We took our leave of them at the mill and proceeded to the river. Two or three of them fol- lowed us and spent some time with us at the river. I gave


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