p46 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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them some pamphlets to distribute at discussions. We parted with them with gratitude and respect, went on up the river, stopped at a Frenchman's house, fifteen or sixteen miles, where we put up, some on the Boor and some in the boat. We got some milk and took supper. July 26th. Started and took breakfast tive or six miles upstream. Obtained some milk on a high bluff of rocks or sandstone and had a view of Lamotts Prairie, where we went on shore two or three times to see the country. It appeared to be delightful. We continued seventeen or eight- een miles and then we took dinner. Some went to the house, and some were in the boat. We had some buttermilk to drink and waited till the rain was over, when we went on iive or six miles, went on shore, put up for the night and lodged in the boat live or six miles below the Union Prairie. We came about twenty miles.

July 27th. We started and went up to Union Prairie. They have just laid out a town on the bank of the river and so far back into the prairie that the banks are high and pleasantly situated. The village is to be called York. There are several New York people in the neighborhood, one by the name of Richardson, who is a proprietor of the village. We came up the river twelve or fifteen miles and encamped on the river bank near a house, where we got milk, but we lodged on board.

July 28th. Obtained more milk, took breakfast, and went on up the river. We saw some very large tish, but could not spear them. I threw the spear at one small pickerel and killed it. It would weigh two or three pounds. Saw many wild geese and some turkeys. Went seven or eight miles,


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