p47 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

Taken 1969-12-31 16:00:00-08

stopped at a ferry, and secured some milk and potatoes. Started about noon, went up ten or twelve miles, and put up on the beach four or five miles above Prairie Creek Prairie, where we went on shore. It is a very handsome place. We saw very large docks of geese. Paul Dick shot at some and R. Fowler shot one flying, but got none. july 29th. We went up the river four or five miles, went on shore, and ate breakfast. I went back about a mile into the woods and found a house on the Honey Creek Prairie, and procured some cucumbers. After breakfast we passed on eight or nine miles and came to a place called T erre Haute, where there is a village laid out. We stopped a few moments and went on. There was a hard shower and a hurricane. We went on the bank and waited till it was over and then went up to Fort Harrison, where we arrived about 7 P. M. This is about twenty miles that we came today and about 140 miles from Vincennes. We put up at John A. Lat~and's, who had no family, but kept house and a little stare.


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