p53 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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hve miles up the river. The women could not speak English, but we found they had gone down the river. We went down ~ across the prairie about a mile, crossed the river, and went i about four miles to a settlement of the Delaware Indians, carried our packs, and met them at the lower village. They gave us some bread and milk to eat. We invited them to go to Fort Harrisan to the council, but they did not agree to go. We returned, crossed the river, and went to Conner's to get a horse to the upper town, but got none. joe, Paul, and Rudolphus started on foot about half~past 5 ie. M.; the rest concluded to stay, and soon after William Marshall came home. He said we could not get any of the Delawares to go to Fort Harrison, they were all going to Fort Mayer, to a treaty there the 15th of September, so we concluded to go up in the morning. Marshal] would furnish me with a horse to ride. It is about forty or forty-five miles from the Weas to the White River, making about 140 miles from Fort Har- rison to White River, and five down and five up makes ten miles.

August 7th. We took breakfast, hired a horse, and pro- ceeded on up to the other town. We reached the settlement about 10 o'dock v. M., obtained some bread and buttermilk, then went on toward the principal Indian village and met Paul Dick with horse going for us. He said the council must be held at the village where Anderson lived. We went up and met several at his house, and appointed a council on the morrow. We were furnished with supper, which con- sisted of bread and herb tea made sweet, with which we refreshed ourselves. There was a very heavy shower of


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