p65 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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empty that I thought it improper unless we had sorH*"l'mH to nourish him after it had operated. We were dcr4tJ'**i'i Or provisions, being nearly out, except Hour and sannv !**""~ toes. His distress increased so toward night wv in"' in stop before sundown; warmed some water and srmlwl ml feet, made him some tea of the root of sassafras, awl M**"`~ him a drink. We had one onion on board. I appJl"'I "Hit to his feet as a draft. We stayed here until murI^l**J@J It being some distance below where we stayed on thv "mm of the 22d when going up. _

September Zd. We started this morning as siuw **" It was light, in hopes of getting to the fort by night. lmwlrr was much better and seemed comfortable, thoutti' wiry weak. We passed the coal bank mentioned before:. ( vi'.," on shore and got some Pieces of coal. We ate what Will" potatoes and cake we had cooked and went on *J'#W" flit river. Our meat being all gone, and forty or @(*7 "HIM to go, we tried to get a Bsh. I struck a fish with th" "'ml Pole that would weigh five or six Pounds. This Mt" "mr where we stayed on the night of the Zlst. We pawl', IN mouth of Sugar Creek. Went on sbore and took 'wmri' three or four miles below the creek. About 12 vi"!" 2 Fowler began to grow worse and the pain returrwl Will' much violence. I put carnphor on his head and 7*** mm " him some more tea when we took dinner at about 2 " then ran down below Raccoon Creek and put UP I"' I I I night. ,,4 I

September 3d. In the morning we arrived at {"in A',' rison about 10 A. M., unloaded our boat, and MZM IN prepare for our journey across the woods, but '/Mm ' sell our boat, as we wanted to.


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