p64 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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could take no food of any kind. We continued on until dark with the expectation of getting to the place where we stopped when we went up, but could not, so went on shore, made some tea of thoroughwort or boneset, and gave him a strong draught. Then I gave him some Lee pills and we prepared for rest on board.

August Slst. This morning up by day, and found R. Fowler more comfortable, though very poorly. He rested but poorly. I could often hear him groan in the night, and I was fearful that a fever would ensue. I proposed giving him an emetic, but he declined for fear of the cramp, which he said he was subject to at such times. He could take no food. We made him tea of summer savory, the only palatable herb we had on board. We baked some cakes and took breakfast on the river Heating down. We continued to sail down until after noon, when R. Fowler became so sick that we went on shore at the Great Prairie, where we put up on the night of the 24th. We made him- some thoroughwort tea. He drank a good dose of it, and it worked well. Then we went on until night, put up by the shore, and boiled some rice for Fowler. Betsy Isaac was also sick.

September lst. This morning R. Fowler was some bet- ter. We started about sunrise and went down a few miles below where we stayed on the night of the Z3d, went on shore, ate breakfast, and Fowler ate some of his rice. We continued down the river as fast as we could when Fowler began to grow worse, and in the afternoon he was in ex- treme pain in his head and back. I would have given him a dose of medicine, but he declined taking any; but now he was willing to take one of ipecac, but his stomach was so


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