p72 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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September 18th. Up early, ate boiled corn, and started on. It was very muddy and bad traveling, or rather wad- ing, in the mud. We traveled on as fast as we Could, hav- ing very heavy loads. Besides my paclg I had to mrry R. Fowler's rihe, which Peleg undertook to carry, though it was very burdensome. We passed I.onglewy's camp, and then he passed us. We traveled rapidly through the mud and crossed several streams of water. Some of them were waist high or more, and several Indians passed us who were going to Fort Wayne. Their horses made the going still worse, as they made the mud deeper. We crossed two or three creeks that were very deep, and some swampy marshes, and arrived at Fort Wayne about S o'dock in the evening, being very wet and very much fatigued. We waded St. Mary's River before we came to the fort. Put up at Hunt and Olivers, got supper of bread, milk, etc., and changed our clothes. I gave Thomas Isaac $1 to get some whiskey, and we went to bed, having traveled about thirty-live or forty miles.


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