p73 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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PART XI ' Voyaoa mou Font WAYNE `ro Dcrnorr

September 19th, 1817. We went to Isaac Wobby'sf" but he has gone to the treaty. We took breakfast with Jane. I paid $1.12 for our supper and lodging. We tried to buy a canoe or boat to go down the river. I went to the garrison, but the major was so sick that I could not see him, nor could I get an answer until in the afternoon; then it was that we could not have a boat, but we obtained the liberty to cut a tree to make one. We concluded to begin the next morning; bought some soap for 75 cents per pound to wash our clothes, and bought a quart of whiskey for $1.

September 2<)th. We prepared to make our canoe. I bought some beef for $1.75. We went out into the woods and selected a tree about two and one-half miles from the fort, cut it down and began to work on it, by blocking it out, until night. I trod on the path of a bear and ran a bone in the bottom of my foot, which made me very lame. September Zlst. This day we thought best to be still and not work on the canoe, as we had not often an opportunity of resting on the Hrst day (Sunday). Towards evening we prepared to resume work the next day on our canoe. `A Bruthertown rnaan.


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