p11 1817 Journal Thomas Dean

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headway and put about. The water on the shoal was not more than a foot deep. I considered it fortunate that we had not a fair wind and going very fast or we might have injured our boat, for we had no idea of there being any such shoal water in or near the middle of the lake. At 2 P. M. we landed on Frenchman's Island and took dinner. It is a beautiful island, well timbered, containing thirty or forty acres. At 5 A. M. we got under way with head winds, but ran down the Oneida River to the head of Cognoy Rift and put up at Sclos Billos.

June Zd. We breakfasted on eels and put our baggage on board. The boat drifted around on a root, and in getting on board she rocked on it and it punched a hole in her larboard bow, on the second strap from the garboard, about one and a half inches in diameter. We immediately discovered the leak and ran down the rift, intending to go to Three River Point, but she took in water so fast that we had to go on shore, unload all our things, draw the boat up and put in a graving piece. We repaired our boat, loaded her, and embarked about 11 o'clock, went down to Three River Point, stopped and made some inquiry about the river. We then passed down to Three River Rift and took on a pilot, giving him one dollar to run the Rift. Then we continued down to Six Mile Creek and stayed all night. In the morn- ing we ran dovm to the Falls of Oswego, took out our load, hired a pilot to run over the falls for two dollars, hired our goods carried over for two dollars, and employed a pilot to pilot us to Oswego for two dollars more. We arrived there about 5 o'clock P. M. The wind being fair, we con- cluded to load our stores and put out into the lake, although


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